Referrals to Specialists

Albuquerque Medical Cannabis to Treat Medical Conditions

Patients with chronic pain, glaucoma or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) require a second signature by a specialist. Albuquerque Care Team provides a list of qualifying specialists in Albuquerque for:
  • Chronic pain:  we can help obtain the required evaluation with a pain specialist
  • PTSD:             patients will need proof of the diagnosis from an MD Psychiatrist.
  • Glaucoma:      patients will need proof of the diagnosis from an ophthalmologist.

The other authorized conditions eligible for medical cannabis require only the signature of a primary care physician.
  • We provide a consultation with our in house primary care physician
  • We complete all the necessary documents in a sealed envelope to be mailed by the patient to the Department of Health
  • Patients can expect to receive their card approx. 30 days after the Department receives the mail.


If you suffer from any of the qualifying conditions for medical marijuana, and standard treatments have not provided sufficient relief contact Zia Health & Wellness for an appointment at ( 505 ) 818-4376.